We are an ADA certified diabetes and dietetic education site. We have Certified Diabetic Educators on site to provide individualized instruction for a diabeteic diet including carbohydrate counting, self blood sugar testing, insulin schedules, and insulin pump therapy.

Despite all the advances in diabetes treatment, education remains the cornerstone of diabetes management. People with diabetes, unlike those with other medical problems, can not simply take pills or insulin in the morning then forget about their health the rest of the day. Differences in diet, exercise levels, stress and other factors may all affect blood sugar levels, so the more diabetics learn how these factors affect them, the better control they will be able to achieve.

Diabetics also need to know what they can do to help prevent or decrease the risk of complications of diabetes. For this reason, we have included some basic information for your benefit.

Although diabetes facts and educational websites are useful for providing general information, we at Diabetes & Endocrinology Specialists, Inc. believe education should be tailored to the specific needs of each patient. We provide the opportunity to receive a comprehensive evaluation of each patient’s medical condition, current activities and dietary intake, performed by a team that includes a physician, a diabetes educator and even a registered dietitian. An individualized treatment plan is then developed to address each person’s physical, emotional, dietary and educational needs.